Starting a Grant Writing Business

One hour recorded webinar
All levels

After you order the recorded webinar, you will receive a link and access code. You do not have to watch the webinar immediately: you can access it for two weeks after your order. Note that this course does NOT cover how to write a grant proposal.

Do you want to start a grant writing business or to take on a few clients? There is a great demand for qualified, effective grant proposal writers. This class will help prepare you for what is to come. Topics include:

  • What nonprofits look for when they hire a contractor
  • What credentials are most impressive
  • How to get the right clients
  • How to build experience
  • How to establish a fee structure
  • How to negotiate, and how to develop a contract format
  • What ethical issues you should consider
  • How to plan your business to succeed.

This course taught by Jay Katz of Grants West and Colorado Grants. Jay established the company in 1995 as a full-time business, and has successfully grown and operated the business continuously since that time. He has had contracts with close to 100 different nonprofits.