Proposal Writing 101: Program Evaluation

One hour
Beginner - Intermediate

After you order the recorded webinar, you will receive a link and access code. You do not have to watch the webinar immediately: you can access it for four weeks after your order.

Funders want to see your results and know that you are effective in carrying out your work. Learn how to develop a program evaluation that will excite prospective funders and build their confidence and respect for your program.

Often misunderstood, a strong evaluation is often the difference-maker in whether a proposal gets funded, and whether the applicant receives a rejection letter. In this webinar, we will guide you in creating an effective, measurable plan that proves that your program is effective and worthy of grant funding. Topics covered in this recorded webinar will include:

  • —What is important for evaluating whether or not a program is successful?
  • —How can you prove that a program is successful?
  • —How can evaluation data be used to improve your programs?
  • —How should information be presented in a proposal?